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Class #1

Writing Letter Poems 

Saturday, February 4, 2023

2 - 4 pm Central

via Zoom

taught by Laurence Musgrove

Click here to register for this free event.

Writers of all skill levels welcome!

We want everyone to have access to literary arts education, but we also want to compensate our instructors for the important and innovative work they do. If you are able, we appreciate a suggested donation of  $15-25 for this class. 

About this class:

In this workshop, we will read, write, and share poems composed as letters addressed to people, places, things, or abstract concepts.  Inspired by a recent Texas Poetry Assignment, Laurence Musgrove will share a prompt for writing epistolary poems and sample responses. Participants will draft their own letter poems, workshop them in small groups, and share them with others.

About This Instructor:

Laurence Musgrove was born in Houston, Texas. His previous books include LOCAL BIRD – a poetry collection, ONE KIND OF RECORDING – a volume of aphorisms, and THE BLUEBONNET SUTRAS – Buddhist dialogues in verse.  Professor of English at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, Laurence is also the editor of TEXAS POETRY ASSIGNMENT, an online journal dedicated to championing Texas verse, community, and hunger relief.

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